After the coffee bean has ended up in a selected place in the soil for germination, planting of a then about 30cm high plant takes place. When about 12-13 months have passed, the coffee plant is put out in the field to grow.

After about 3 years we see a flowering of a plant now called a tree. During this coming time, the berry is maturing and its sugar content is increasing. Our farmers have a lifelong experience of the coffee plantation and its growth and make sure that the harvest does not occur until the berry ripening is complete. Important here is to allow the berry to fully ripen before harvesting begins.

Harvesting is done automatically with us by machine to ensure that the berries are not dropped on the ground but collected directly in containers.

Natural process

This drying method means that the beans are laid with peel and pulp in the sun for natural drying. The sweetness of the berries found in the pulp dries naturally and gives the bean and finished coffee a sweet and fruity taste. This method also does not require any water supply, which is a contributing reason why we use this particular method.

We also see that this method has begun to spread to other countries. We know that coffee-loving people prefer that method because of the flavors the bean gets and because we do not need water supply.

Sorting of immature and perhaps defective berries is ongoing to ensure the quality we stand for.


Each lot of coffee comes with its own story and character, which is why we want to give the coffee a unique roasting. We roast our coffee by hand, in small editions, with different temperatures and times, all to best suit the current coffee. The coffee is roasted according to a method called Slow Roast. The slow roasting attracts all the flavors that are found in the coffee beans, which is felt directly in the cup. Be ‘batch’ with our coffee comes with its own character and unique hot.

The packing takes place in sealed bags after roasting and each coffee bag is equipped with a valve to extract carbon dioxide and keep the oxygen out of the coffee beans.