Öland Kaffe

Öland coffee is a unique quality coffee roasted on coffee beans from the Fernandees cultivation in the Mogiana district of Brazil. Since the 1700s, the Fernandes family has grown their coffee at their Fazenda Santa Agueda coffee farm in Espritio Santo da Pinhal outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. The farm consists of 240 hectares of land where they currently use 70 hectares for coffee production and 130 hectares for rainforest to promote the environment.

The coffee plantations are at an optimal geographical location in order to produce a top quality bean. The farm with plantation nearby, is located at around 1000m above sea level with about 1,450 mm of annual rainfall, 20 ° C in average temperature and optimal number of sun hours.

This, together with a fertile volcanic soil, gives us a unique coffee.

Our Sizes




Universal concepts combined with our coffee and process :

  • Exclusively High Grown Coffee
  • Single Origin
  • Single Estate
  • 100% Arabica
  • 84 points according to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)